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*This book
was an modernized celebration of the mass duplicate sent to me, giveaway of charge, for my honest
review as well as opinion.  All comments in this examination have been the honest perspective
of the blogger.

It’s no warn which we am the nation strain fan, only check out my Tuesday Tunes. I’m the reader, by as well as through, as well as nation strain is unequivocally great during formulating stories, so we adore it.

I was unequivocally excited, therefore, when we got the event to examination Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not? by Thompson Square – the renouned nation strain wife/husband duo, who’s large strike is the strain of the same title.

Daniel, the rocker teenager incited rocker adult, is second guessing his (minimally successful) efforts to have his approach in the strain business. His tall propagandize sweetheart, Casey, is an intelligent, great lady with bad ambience in group who dreamed of being the poet. The book skips behind as well as onward from memories of their younger years to benefaction day.  In tall school, the dual span up to write the strain together during the teacher’s idea as well as in the future tumble in adore (after requisite be vexed of the single another). The attribute doesn’t last, since Daniel sees himself as big-dreams, small guarantee as well as wants Casey to have all the opportunities she deserves. Eventually, they have to work by their fears as well as harm feelings to finish up together

…blah, blah, blah. Been there, review that.

Music, unrequited love…  we unequivocally approaching to similar to this book.  The essay is great (though the chaff in between the two-supposed teenagers is tough to follow during times as well as unrealistic) as well as we was even arrange of invested in the characters. we only wasn’t invested sufficient to buy the formulaic, cheesy plot. At the single indicate we thought, “Maybe the book was created for fifteen year aged Taylor Swift fans…?!”  It doesn’t unequivocally review similar to the immature adult novel though, though maybe I’m wrong.

I longed for to similar to this book. we really, unequivocally did!  Sadly, we was left unimpressed.

2/5- Just okay.  Choose with impassioned prejudice.


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