Antonia Kidman => Baby happiness for Antonia Kidman

Antonia Kidman has given bieing born only in time for Yuletide — carrying a baby kid during a Singapore sanatorium final weekend.

“Nicholas’ attainment is presumably a most appropriate Yuletide benefaction any one could ever ask for,” Kidman pronounced upon Friday.

Nicholas is Kidman’s fifth kid though is her initial with second father Craig Marran, who she tied together in Sydney in April, The Daily Telegraph reports.

She has 4 alternative young kids — Lucia, Hamish, James as well as Sybella — to ex-husband Angus Hawley, who she was tied together to for eleven years. They separate up in May 2007.

Kidman as well as Marran have been vital in Singapore given progressing this year as well as have been awaiting a revisit from large sister Nicole, who returned to America after a outing to Sydney final week to crop up upon Oprah.

Kidman’s eldest 4 young kids have been approaching to lapse to Sydney in a subsequent couple of weeks to outlay a little time with their father.

19 December 2010

Good fitness to them.

So when they got tied together in April, Kidman was dual months pregnant.

Shotgun Wedding ?

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