Antonia Kidman => It’s the child for Antonia Kidman


pregant as well as glowing, Antonia Kidman has been enjoying receiving her youngest son
Nicholas to a Beach.
Source: Supplied

The Daily
Telegraph reports

It’s a boy
for Antonia Kidman as well as father Craig Marran, with baby Alexander Norman
Kidman Marran nearing in to a universe 3 weeks early.

a “healthy 3 kilos”, a kid arrived in a early hours of
Monday sunrise in Sydney – 3 weeks progressing than expected.

Kidman, 42, told Confidential she as well as husband, banker
Craig Marran, 44, have been “thrilled” by their brand brand new family partial of who “caught us by
surprise nearing progressing than anticipated, with Craig as well as [daughter] Sybella
jumping upon a moody from Singapore as well as nearing this morning.”

The Singapore-based couple, who met in 2009, share
another child, Nicholas, twenty-two months, whilst Kidman additionally has 4 young kids -
Lucia, 13, Hamish, 11, James, 9 as well as Sybella, 5 – from her matrimony to first
husband, Angus Hawley.

“It is with good pleasure Craig as well as you have been thrilled
to suggest which Alexander Norman Kidman Marran arrived safely in a early
morning of a 3rd of Dec weighing a full of health 3kg,” Kidman pronounced in a

“Alexander held us by warn nearing earlier
than expected with Craig as well as Sybella jumping upon a moody from Singapore and
arriving this morning.

“Alexander’s brothers as well as sisters have been all vehement as well as you have been looking
forward to spending a smashing family Yuletide together.

“We wish to appreciate everybody for their kind wishes during this special time in
our lives.”

It’s accepted some-more sum of a brand brand new attainment will
appear in WHO upon Friday as partial of an disdainful deal.

Kidman suggested to a mag which she was uncertain how to
“rationalise carrying 6 children,” though believes receiving a step behind from her
career has done her some-more equipped.

“If you was still a workman bee similar to you was in Sydney, I
just couldn’t do that.”

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