Antonia Kidman => Keith & Nicole Attend Birthday Party for Antonia Kidman

Keith & Nicole attend the celebration during the swanky Bondi Beach Italian Restaurant, in respect of Nicole’s younger sister, Antonia’s birthday. It is hosted by Nicole as great as attended by 30-35 of Antonia’s closest friends as great as family. True to form, it’s all about Nicole.

NK: Get the camera out as great as take the little pictures, Keith. We need cinema of the party.

Keith: Yes, baby. What cinema do we want?

NK: For God’s sake, do we have to discuss it we how to do everything? Just take the little cinema as great as of course, we should be in them…and flow me the little wine. I’m parched.

Keith: To be honest baby, the smell of the booze is overwhelming. I’d rsther than not flow any…I’m fearful we competence flow myself the glass. I’m unequivocally operative upon my sobriety.

NK: Have we no will power…God, you’re pathetic. Didn’t we contend we am parched?

Cousin of NK’s: (walks over to NK as great as takes her hand) Nicole…so great to see you. How have been your kids?

NK: (withdrawing her hand) Oh … the kids .…well, uhmmm… I’m certain Ivanka as great as Conrad have been fine. we mean, they’re fine. They’re …uhmmm…with their father right now.

Cousin: Really. we suspicion we listened which Tom is in Germany sharpened the film as great as usually Katie as great as Suri have been with him? we suspicion for certain they’d be here with you. we was seeking brazen to saying them again, it’s been years.

NK: Oh…right. Well, uhmmm… Becky as great as Collin were starting to come down, though we was starting to be filming in the rural area as great as we know how they would hatred that…and so, they motionless to check entrance over til we was in Sydney. Yeah…that’s it. Illeana as great as Calamari have been starting to come down as great as revisit when I’m behind here in Sydney, after the glow in the outback. we am so seeking brazen to that, too.

Keith: (whispering) Nic, it’s Bella as great as Connor…your kids have been Bella as great as Connor.

NK: (hissing) Don’t scold me ever again. we KNOW who my kids are, for God’s consequence … Brittany as great as Calum ARE my children, we know…where’s my wine?

Keith: Here we are, love. It’s the great wine…

NK: Yes, it’s the same booze which Tom as great as we used to splash barrels of…God it was great … sitting together in the evening, cuddling in front of the glow as great as celebration the bottle of great wine, with the little cheese as great as then, well, then, …. You know.

Keith: It sounds similar to we have been unequivocally blank those days, Nic. I’m contemptible we can’t share your adore of booze with you…but might be we can hug in front of the glow as great as suffer the little prohibited chocolate or the unequivocally great cappuccino?

NK: Get the grip…cuddle in front of the glow with the crater of coffee? Not likely. we don’t intend to begin which arrange of thing with you, anyway. Did we get the camera working?

Keith: Yes, baby.

NK: Keep up with me, then, it’s time for the speeches. Hummmph…(NK station & clearing her twist grip to get the courtesy of everybody in the room) Tonight, I’ve taken the mangle from my chaotic report filming the epic movie, Australia, with Hugh Jackman, who is so heavenly as great as manly…and I’m certain this film will be the large hit…it’s destined by Baz Lurhmann we know…Anyway, we saved my father last tumble by removing him diagnosis for his alcoholism as great as drug obsession … as great as then, we saved Hugh from the unwholesome scorpion only the integrate of days ago…so right away we instruct to save my sister from the tedious birthday cooking with her kids. Imagine, she was starting to outlay her 37th birthday with her kids. we had to meddle as great as have certain she had the correct birthday party. Her young kids have been during home with the sitter, where they should be…having something inhuman similar to prohibited dogs or pizza with soft splash cocktail as great as I’ve organised for us to have this disdainful grill all to ourselves. And it’s upon me…so have certain we suffer yourselves as great as so which we know which I, Nicole Kidman, have respected my poetic sister upon her birthday.

Anyway, Antonia…it’s been the severe time for you, as great as if it wasn’t for me, you’d be waste tonight, spending it with your kids. Instead, I’ve saved we from that. I’ve come to your rescue the integrate of times already, removing we out upon my yacht, receiving we out for cooking the integrate of times, as great as tomorrow we’re starting to the footy game. It’s since I’m your sister as great as in annoy of being the vital suit design star, we am here for you, my darling.

Antonia: Thanks, Nic. we unequivocally conclude your sup…

NK: Right…glad it’s operative for you, Antonia. we am unequivocally unequivocally seeking brazen to starting to the rural area in the integrate of weeks, though this week, Hugh as great as we have been sharpened the adore scenes right here in Sydney. God, he’s hot. we can’t wait for to get in to his pants. Oh…sorry, we got the bit off track…Anyway, here’s to my sister…a toast to my dear sister, for whom we worked tough to classify this eventuality as great as right away I’ve since up an dusk off to attend. But we know we conclude it, Antonia.

(Antonia nods as great as smiles; NK drinks the little wine, as do all the guests. Keith raises his H2O glass)

NK: I’ll swallow ones pride for my father right up front. He’s an alcoholic as great as so, he can’t toast Antonia with wine…he’s regulating water. But I’m certain his intentions have been as excellent as everybody here. Right, Keith? Just since we can’t splash wine, we have been still wishing my sister well?

Keith (blushing): Absolutely. Antonia…I instruct we zero though the most appropriate in…

NK: Yes, yes, we know…Antonia…I goal we have been enjoying yourself tonight. I’ve requisitioned this grill for the total night…for the disdainful use. Of course, my personal partner essentially done all the arrangements, though we had to discuss it her what to buy for we for the present as great as we had to select this restaurant, so it was the lot of highlight as great as pressure. And of course, it’s my income that’s profitable for it. Happy Birthday, Antonia.

Antonia: Thank you, Nic. It’s lovely. we consider I’m eventually ready to go out upon the town. My divorce is starting to be last any day now…so I’ll be the singular Kidman again. Have baby sitter, will party!

NK: Whooohooo… Yeah…the Kidman girls will be upon the stalk again. Look out Sydney.

Keith: Nic, we ARE married, baby. we mean, I’m perplexing unequivocally tough to keep this attribute together…traveling behind as great as onward from my debate each integrate of weeks, spending as most time upon set with we as we can.

NK: Yes, Keith…I know. That’s only what we told we would have to happen. And if we continue, we might only take we with us the single night. That will be something we can demeanour brazen to.

Keith: Wow…Fantastic, baby. You have been as great good to me…my savior. That gives me the reason to go on. You have been my beautiful, pleasing princess!

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