Of Monsters & Men => Of Monsters And Men as well as chocolate overdose

On Friday we sent a package with roughly 2 kg of Icelandic sweets to my many appropriate friend, who will be carrying her birthday in a could of days.
However we didn’t design we would get behind home with dual warn packages: from a crony in Estonia as well as my family in Poland. My Mom will never sense which Prince Polo is intensely renouned in Iceland, though we haven’t had ‘budyń’ for a prolonged time right away so which utterly done my day. Estonian sweets incited out unequivocally yummy, generally a white chocolate with hazelnuts!

15 opposite sorts of Icelandic candy… a little we haven’t even attempted before!
All packed, ready to go. Destination: Kraków, Poland.
Contents of dual warn packages: Estonian upon a left as well as Polish upon a right. And of march dual poetic postcards!

Yesterday we went to an additional outdoor concert, this time couple of bands were personification in Vífilsstaðir, Garðabær. We arrived only in time to see Moses Hightower, Mugison as well as Of Monsters And Men. we was seeking brazen to a unison ever given my crony wrote me she’s behind in locale as well as up for a little some-more live-music. And a miserable continue foresee couldn’t stop us!
I’ve well known couple of OMAM songs though never unequivocally listened to them. This can shift now, they were illusory as well as gave a unequivocally great concert. It additionally looked similar to it gave them a lot of wish to fool around for their own audience, in Garðabær, where many of a rope members have been from.

Mugison, substantially many desired artist in Iceland.
Of Monsters And Men, a illusory unison in a rain.
Can’t go wrong with rubber boots during outdoor unison in Iceland!

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